Glorious Canning Colors

This reminds me of the picture of all the babies laid out on blankets. Each canning experience was a learning experience that I got a little better at each time. The colors of each fruit and some veg are so beautiful, their taste so unique and flavorful.

Tomato,peach jam, plum and peach jam

The golden amber and muted reds are as beautiful and they are tasty.

plum  jam, pickled beets, raspberry jelly

refrigerator pickles and hot dog relish from my cucumbers

I've made a few different varieties of jams and jellies from my red raspberries and blackberries in the yard.
I canned  and stewed dozens of quarts of tomato's for the winter months as well.


Simple to make and super tasty
 Your will need the following fresh ingredient

Start by using a food prossesoror blender

 Pulse garlic
then the basil.
Be prepared for a waft
of strong flavors.

Slowly add oil to the mix the consistency is smooth and creamy

Make sure to add oil to the top to preserve and seal the colors and flavors. Refrigerate.

sweet tart

sweet tart