I'm still getting the opportunity to shoot flowers from the yard. i think i need to post more pictures. I'm very excited about shooting Taylor's senior portait today. I hope it goes well and the sun and subject cooporate. Or should I say the sun and the stars align. I think this picture could be brighter in color, but I don't like to use the computer that way

sheep at dusk

Old Main Street, South Windsor at dusk. This is one of my favorite places. Some day I want to live on this street with all it's history surrounding me. It was on Paranormal State, a tv show on A&E, so I might really have to think this dream through or it might become a nightmare. Not my usual style of photography but I am trying some new things, I do like how the back lighting sillouets the sheep furs.And yes it is that dry here in the east, most all the grass is brown and dusty.

I caught this in the early morning before she had the opportunity to unfurl her petals. The color long ago decided, design and appearance completed. This work never sises to amaze me. Am I alone in this wonderment?
Zinea,Zinea, wreath of jewel

Preparation to the world.

Oh the excitment of leaving the nest, the downy crown a fire. Looking out into the world unknown with anticipation only a chick could have.

First Harvest

I collected our first harvest of organic strawberries tonight. Love the sound of the snap when you tug the fruit off her stem. The warmth of the sun has kept them sweet, but as they roll around your tongue the tartness follows. My brother would be proud that none other than love has touched these prizes. As a result of all their goodness I tried to capture the bounty.
I'm so excited to start my new project! Thanks go out to my children for their encouragement. I'm starting a dream, to share with whom ever. I have always since I can remember love taking pictures and always want it closer. The beauty to me is the art with in nature. The desire to see things just a little differently but never manipulated. It is what it is, I have not changed a thing but only how you view it. 
So I will start by posting some recent photo's and see where this takes me.
I do welcome all comments. Please join me on this journey.

sweet tart

sweet tart